To meet the needs of its customers, GPNS provides them with a recognized knowledge to manage their safety by offering tailored solutions to their requirements such as:

  • Audit and analysis of existing and potential risks.
  • Design of prevention and protection plans and Emergency Response Procedures.
  • Guarding sites by providing armed and non-armed security and dog handlers.
  • Escort of valuable materials and sensitive products.
  • Security during cultural, sporting events and trade fairs, etc.
  • Training and safety education methods for employees.
  • Remote monitoring of Sites, (CCTV) and Emergency Response.
  • Provision of Meet and Greet service with Coordinator and trained driver and vehicle.
  • Electronic security (CCTV), electronic access control and Intrusion alarms.

GPNS vision on tourism security,

Tourism, public and private, is one of the main economic sectors of many Countries and a viable market outside the Hydrocarbon sector. Given its vital importance for so many locations in Algeria, GPNS developed a tourism security plan aimed at strengthening the skills of public and private sector tourism to mitigate and counter any possible security incidents. We offer to our security teams a special security program specialized to promote partnerships in the field of security to protect customers, visitors and employees.

The tourism security program seeks to enhance the tourism in Algeria by providing reassurance of the stability

The experience of GPNS managers, can make a difference to asses, mitigate and control this business.

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